AirPods Max vs. Drop + THX Panda Wireless Headphones

We’ve examined with the AirPods Max to several other rival sets of headphones from brands such as Bose, Sennheiser, and Sony. Recently, these Drop + THX Panda Wireless headphones have garnered some interest. We thought we’d check out how they compare against the Apple over-ear headphones.

Priced at just $400 and up, the Drop + THX Panda Wireless headphones are the first with THX AAA Amplification, which is what Drop claims to be the “world’s most low amounts in distortion.” They’re also fitted with “planer-ribbon drivers” to offer an additional level of distortion resistance and more real-sounding sound, and they’re said to be extremely comfortable thanks to soft foam earpads that are wrapped in leather.

These were not even at the forefront of our minds until we began hearing about them through the YouTube community, which means they’re not as popular as other, more well-known brands, yet they come with many remarkable features. However, they’re not as good as AirPods Max. AirPods Max, which is not surprising considering the differences in prices.

In terms of audio, MacRumors videographer Dan, who tested the headphones, claimed that this Decrease + THX Pandas are “expended even” using the AirPods Utmost concerning the quality of sound in addition to even better.

AirPods Max AirPods Max is more comfortable than the Drop + THX Panda headphones as the latter put greater pressure on the temples and cheeks, whereas the AirPods Max can better disperse the weight. The ear cups made of mesh in these AirPods Max are also more comfortable than leather earcups since leather, along with the seal tight, can become hot.

Comparatively to AirPods Max, the Drop + THX Panda headphones without Active Noise Cancellation, However, they have enough of an enclosure around the head that it blocks out the majority of outdoor noises.

All in all, it’s a good choice. Drop + THX Panda headphones are a good choice for those looking for high-quality sound and don’t mind the absence of Active Noise Cancellation. However, the AirPods Max win out in comfort, ANC capability Spatial Audio, head-detection, and the accessibility to Apple devices due to the H1 chip, which permits fast pairing and quick switching between devices.

The Drop and The Drop + Panda headphones include a hardshell case that holds the headphones and additional cables. They include a USB-C cable to charge them and a 3.5mm audio cable should you intend to utilize the headphones with wires. In contrast, the AirPods Max has a Smart Case. However, it isn’t very secure.

In terms of battery performance, Drop + THX Panda headphones are battery-powered. Drop and THX Panda headphones will last as long as 30 hours which is ten times longer than AirPods Max. For control, the Drop x THX Pandas have an incredibly small joystick that allows you to skip songs or playback.

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