Apple is changing The iPhone 13 Camera Bump

The upcoming iPhone 13’s camera bump on the rear will be smaller and be less visible from the phone as per recent rumors.

A recently uploaded YouTube video from Everything Apple Pro that shared Max Weinbach’s leaks, it was likely that it is likely that the iPhone 13 lineup will feature an elongated camera bump.

Weinbach said the camera module wouldn’t be entirely flat, but each lens would have less space to protrude from the phone’s body. The first run-up to the camera module is also smaller, which will reduce the overall camera’s size.

This generally matches the Japanese website MacOtakara, which stated that the rear camera unit would grow by 0.9mm. Still, Apple will switch to the design which “covers all of the camera units in sapphire crystal.” The lenses are likely to be less protruding in style closer to those of 2020’s iPad Pro, which does feature a camera bump but has less protrusion when it regards the lens’s shape.

Every new iPhone model since the initial generation iPhone SE came with the camera bump, which is the camera’s lens protruding out of the phone’s body. Although older models of iPhones like those with the iPhone 4 and 5 were equipped with a flush camera, the protruding camera is now a standard feature of the iPhone in recent years.

First-generation iPhone SE from 2016

Although Apple doesn’t appear to be equipped with advanced camera technology to smooth out its camera’s bump, things fully seem to be moving toward the proper direction when it comes to the iPhone 13.

Weinbach also claimed that the iPhone 13 would function as a good always-on 120Hz exhibit. Your fingerprint-resistant covering improved audio quality through calling, flat dark-colored option, improved battery life cycle, and a much better Symbol Method which makes far better utilization of the LiDAR scanner.

Weinbach has previously said that the 2021 iPhones will have stronger MagSafe magnets, astrophotography features, and the capability to capture Portrait Mode videos. Still, it’s important to know that Weinbach has no known track record for iPhone leaks.

The apple company is anticipated to return to this traditional September date for revealing iPhone 13 models. iPhone 13 group, which in turn is predicted to feature similar-sized models available, such as the 5.4-inch “iPhone 13 mini,” 6.1-inch “iPhone 13” and “iPhone 13 Pro” as well as a 6.7-inch “iPhone 13 Pro..”


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