IOS 14.5 can expose Obtain My Support for Power beats Pro Updated:

Starting on iOS and the iPad OS 14.5, Power beats Pro users can locate the headphones, track and track their headphones via the integrated Find My app.

Its Find My app, formerly called Find My iPhone, helps users track and locate devices linked with their accounts on I Cloud, such as your iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, or Air Pods. Since Apple acquired Beats in 2014, Beats products like Power beats Pro Power beats Pro have enjoyed deep integration with iOS and macOS. However, they’ve not had compatibility with Find My. Find My app.

An additional feature is going to build up in iOS or iPad OS 14.5. Customers will now find and track their Bluetooth headphones from the Find My app. Find My app. At the moment, Apple says that if Power beats Pro is lost, users should call Apple Support and make the procedure of locating them lengthy.

Like Air Pods users, Beats users will be capable of triggering a sound to play through the Power beats Pro to locate them. In the end, this new feature will help blur the distinction between the experience offered by the software for Apple’s Air Pods line and beats. Beats brand.

IOS and iPad 14.5 due in spring have been regarded as the most significant update in iOS 14 after its introduction in September. Beginning with the latest update in conjunction with watch OS 7.5, people will now be able to unlock their iPhones by using the help of their Apple Watch, even if they’re wearing masks. Other features included in the update include crowdsourcing for accidental accidents on Apple Maps, brand new Emojis, the capability to choose a default music streaming service, and other features.

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