Experiments prove Quantum Computers

Natural Radiation, including Cosmic Rays from Outer Space and the like – can create havoc. Quantum Computers

Study illustrates the necessity of shielding the qubits against natural radiation such as cosmic rays that come from space. A multidisciplinary research team has demonstrated that the radiation of natural sources found in the world could hinder the performance of quantum bits, also known as qubits. The research, published this morning in Nature, is a major development regarding the operation and construction of quantum computer systems, an advanced type of technology ...

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Experiments prove Quantum Computers are more efficient than the sum of their parts

Chip with an ion trap, which researchers utilize to control and capture quantum qubits made of ion (quantum bits). Credit Kai Hudek/JQI Quantum computer research at UMD proves that combining quantum computer parts doesn't involve combining their error rate. Pobody's nerfect isn't just the indifferent bits that calculate the core of computers. However, JQI Christopher Monroe's team and his colleagues at Duke University have made advancements towards ensuring that you can trust ...

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