The explanation of panel Mount, The Panel Mount USB Connectors

Panel Mount is the name used to refer to mechanical components included as a component of a connector’s half, which allows the connection to get mounted to the screen or maybe external enclosure. Most connectors with features for panel mounts incorporated on them are cable connectors, such as USB connectors.

What is the function of the panel mount?

  • There are three different panel mount kinds: external or rear-facing mounting, front-facing or internal mounting, and side mount.
  • External mounting or rear-facing mounts see the majority of connectors being placed on the front of the equipment or the exterior of the equipment box or panel.
  • Internal or front-facing mounting is the case, with most connectors placed on the rear or inside the equipment box or panel.
  • Side mount is a method of securing the connector housing fixed to the horizontally-oriented panel. This serves more to secure it than a real connection between the outside and inside the enclosure.

When can panel mounts be used?

If a connection must be made between the outside and the interior of an enclosure, a hole must be cut inside the enclosure’s wall or panel to let water flow through the hole.

Since the whole system was intended to be a one-time install and no need to change anything else, there’s no reason to believe that many cables cannot be connected to the hole, so power or the signal could be transferred. The only restriction is that the edges must be lined so that the cables are safe.

When, in contrast, you should plug the enclosure or frequent unplugged schedule, or are made in different locations, then it will be the most practical to have the connection portion constructed into one of the sides of the enclosure and have the cut-out or hole the connector will be able to sit in.

The inside electronics are wired to the back of the panel-mount USB connector fixed inside the cut-out.

The benefits of mounting panels USB connectors

Panel mounted USB connectors have many advantages over cable mount USB connectors. Connecting the connector to the panel ensures it is safe for the connections at the back of the connector are subject to no external strain, increasing the likelihood that they’ll fail and enhancing the lifespan of the device at hand.

Users who aren’t trained can also safely disconnect and reconnect cables. An excellent example is the wiring on the back of a computer, and all of them are panel mounts.

Making entire modules removable items in smaller enclosures is a possibility. The devices could be stored inside the boxes to ensure that they are not tampered with.

Find the right USB connector from RS components you need. They can be mounted using adhesive methods like glue instead of mechanical fixings. However, mechanical panel mounting is suggested for applications used in environments that are more challenging so that the connectors don’t move from the panel because of one bump.

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